Advice on Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles are complete safe providing they are used and cared for responsibly and all bottles we stock are manufactured to British Safety Standard BS1970:2012 with certain brands offering an additional 1 or 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Before use, check your hot water bottle ensuring the stopper screws on and stays in place. Thereafter, check regularly for signs of wear, damage and leaks. If you have an concerns about your hot water bottle, do not use.

* DO NOT sit, lie on top of or put excess pressure on your hot water bottle when it is filled.
* DO NOT allow direct contact with one area of the body for more than 20 minutes
* DO NOT allow babies under 36 months or unsupervised children to use a hot water bottle.
* DO NOT use a rubber hot water bottle if you suffer from a latex allergy.

For more information on hot water bottle care and safety visit this page

Hot water bottles are a great way to keep warm, ease discomfort and aid relaxation, so above all else, enjoy your instant personal warmer.

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